Curriculum Vitae


drs. Henny Savenije

Korean name : Lee Hae Kang

Christian names:

Hendrikus Gerardus Lambertus (Henny)

Born:   27-7-1952

Gender: Male

Driver's license: yes


Seoul Gwanakgu Namhyeondong

Seungbang 7 gil 15 101 ho

Marital Status:


Nationality: Korean


Cell.: 010-9099-3128





Begin of study

Year achieved





- 1978

University Groningen

Mathematics second major Physics



- 1984

University Groningen

Psychology, second major Educational Psychology




- 1985

teaching mathematics (total 10 students), Dutch to  Chinese, (four students)



- 1985

Assistant teacher Psychology, Computer science at the University Groningen Research for test development of measurement of the development of identity



- 1992

Independent Advising Office, where, from the beginning computers, networks and the newest technologies were a central part, also developed programs in Pascal for psychologically testing people



- 1996

Teaching English and French in Japan, Philippines (to Korean students) and Korea, acting in several films, commercials and dramas in Korea, doing commercials in the Philippines.



- 1998

Hewlett Packard: Agent for Corporate PCs, Sykes: Technical Engineer Centura software (SQLwindows, Centura Team Developer, SQLbase)



- 1999

IBM: IT-consultant: managing the Taiwanese support for the Philips BE electronic environment



- 2002

Jangan College: Professor English



- Feb. 2007

Dankook university: Professor English
also teaching Philosophy


Spring 2007

Summer 2007

Seojeong university: Professor English


Summer 2007

Winter 2007

Samsung Engineering. Teaching business classes.

  Feb. 2008 Winter 2012 Kookmin University Professor English
also teaching Psychology

Part time job teaching English in Yonsei university
Part time job teaching psychology in Konkook university

Spring 2012


Hyupsung University: Professor English

Part time teaching psychology in Konkook university and Dankook University


Other experiences



- 2003

Myongji university: Professor in History


- 2005

Helping Academia Acta Coreana with the acquisition of antique western books about Korea, the library is also called the LG Myongji collection.


July 16~19

Presentation at the first World Conference of Korean Studies in Seongnam.


Spring Semester

Teaching English at the Seongnam University of Korean Studies.



Dec 5 - 7, 2007

Paper on Standardization of Geographic Names, Conference
organized by the Northeast Asian History Foundation



- present

Several side jobs, among other:
Having my own computer company
Reporter for the Dutch radio, about affairs in Korea
Writing a column in the Hankook Ilbo.
Translating patent documents from French into English

Web sites: (My portal)
(Hamel and the "discovery" of Korea) in English, Korean and Dutch. (since 1995)
Korea through Western Cartographic eyes. The history of Suwon Castle. Frits Vos Article about Witsen and Eibokken The way a ship was rigged Old Korea in pictures

E-mail address:  

webmaster at


July 19, 2002. At the First Conference of Korean Studies at Seongnam. About the latest developments of my research about Hamel and a presentation of the research of the western maps I have found. This has been published and handed out in volumes handed out during the conference.

Since January 2001: Seminars about Korean Studies which I organize bimonthly for Myongji university with varying subjects

Lends February 2001 his material to the National museum in Chejudo

Lends May 2002 his material to the National Folk Museum in Seoul

Spring 2003, helped Seoul land organizing an exhibition about Hamel.

August 2004, Helped the Seoul history museum organizing the exhibition Corea.

Korea in Western Cartography
Korean Culture Vol21 No 1. Spring 2000 Also as paper presented at the Ninth Conference about the name of the East Sea in Shanghai.2003

A Dutch adventure in Korea ( In Print)

An article in Korean about Hendrick Hamel in a magazine for KLM April 2000.

Hamel's Journal: A modern translation of the Journal in Dutch. Ad Donker B.V. Rotterdam 2003

Hamel's Journal in Korean Hamel Bokoseo, M&B, Seoul, 2003

Korean Cartography in a historic perspective, paper presented at the 11th Conference about the name of the East Sea in Washington, DC, 2005

The Japanese Sea, a sign of Japanese aggression?, paper presented at the 12th Conference about the name of the East Sea in Seoul, South Korea, 2006

Recent Training :

Before 2000

Chinese and Korean language and history



fluent: Dutch, English, German, French and Frisian

basic: Korean, Japanese and Chinese, north and south European languages


Flexible, analytic, likes challenges, creative, enthusiastic, independent, individualistic, inspiring, inventive, outspoken, researching, strategic, theoretic but also practical, friendly personality, persuasive, persistent, broad interests and likes to learn, ability to delegate, flexible, direct and open minded. Has knowledge of software and computers and also knowledge about other cultures and their history

Social functions:

Chairman school board

Membership of several committees

Chairman and founder of local Psychology Association

Chairman of a local Choir


Prof.: Kim Sung Hun
Prof.: Hwang Pil Hong
Prof.: Lee Kisuk